Information of Jazz festivals around the world.

Jazz festivals, as any other music genres it has its own special charm. Performance is key. The way one song is performed life either by the original artist or other artists who are improvising a certain song is just simply breath taking.

There are reasons why people wanted to go to performances even though they already have the records of their favorite artists And yes there is that magic when we witnessed the performance of a song by the artist.

We can expect the exact quality of the artist during recording, we can expect improvisation, we can also expect musical communication happening only at that moment. Each Jazz festival always has something to offer.  

  Have you ever had that moment when you were on a concert and you enjoy the tune and you experience like electricity rush through from your brain to your entire body. You cannot find the atmosphere of  a life performance to any other high end sound machine.

The fact that you are among hundreds or even thousands of people makes the songs which you are listening to have more power and meaning compared to listening the same song on mp3 player or home studio music player.

The impact is not only psychological. The endorphin hormone produced when you feel exited is definitely physical.  It transcends not only your mood but also your intelligence.  

The fact is that when you feel the music in your senses it will either toughens your believe in  a notion or the other way around.  


If we are somewhere on the globe there is a possibility that there is a jazz events near us.  But not many of us knows what is happening in a certain area.

So here are some information where you can enjoy jazz festival either in Asia , Europe, South America, North America, Australia, Middle East and, Africa.

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