Swing, an energetic style which is never out of date

Swing music has its roots developed in 1930s. This style is known either as swing jazz or simply swing. The word swing itself was used to compliment a performance which has a strong rhythmic grove. This style was formulated in 1935 in the United States.

The earlier style before this, Jazz was using a two beat feel. It was in the late 1920s that the African Americans first tried to expand their creativity to create different style of Jazz playing. Groups which often as large ensembles tried a different rythem style which uses a steady four beat in one bar. But it skipped out the string orchestra which was a compulsory in big bands in those days. Performances were simplified despite that it still uses large number of band players.

These groups were commonly comprised of Clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, piano, double bass, drums, keyboards, electric guitars, acoustic guitars.

The first band which initially used swing as their style was Chick Webb in. But the great depression in 1931 which also hit Harlem, where they started out, wipe out the hope of this band to hit the big time.

The person who is identical to Swing was Benny Goodman. But actually he owed his success to another bandleader who lent his skill to Goodman. Fletcher Henderson has many to offer when Goodman was having small supply of arrangements when Goodman won a spot in a radio show, “Let’s Dance.”

Henderson, with his repertoire and typical style filled in the gap for Goodman. When it was aired after midnight, people were unfamiliar with this style but it was easy and enjoyable to be accustomed to. All they care is that the rhythm was hot, daring, has a twist of a woogie boogie in it. Therefore he gave the people a reason to move, a reason to dance.

Here is one example. I think the tune of “Sing Sing Sing” of Goodman will be infectious and get you to move, even if it is only your finger or foot. Check this out.

Within these era a notable Jazz musician has also contributed significantly to the development of Swing. Louis Armstrong, was a solid trumpet and cornet performer who has a strong personality which matched his instrument playing style.He's a comic indeed.

Starting from 1935 the influence of this music took off to a whole new level. International exposure and even an influence of music developped in Europe.

Let's take a look at how the modern world appreciate Swing.