Red White Lounge, the mini Jazz festival in Jakarta

Red white lounge. If you are looking for jazz performances in Jakarta. I would like to suggest one place that offer you a constant dose of creativity, thrill and all I can say that it is like a jazz diet.

Red White Lounge offer you a cozy space whih is moslty filled with a jazzy atmosphere. Jazz performances are available almost everyday (well... Wednesday to Sunday actually) featuring the well known Indonesiann Jazz musicians and young new talent.

Located in South Jakarta you will find a cozy atmosphere, laid back and boom you will have that international quality jazz music served before you.

Where is it?

Jl. Kemang Raya 16B,

Jakarta Selatan 12730


{ tel } +6221.71792252

{ sms } +6221.59369981 // +628212375194

{ bb } 325DDAE0

Twitter @RWLounge

Youtube MostlyJazzJKT

The Lounge is open at 7 PM from Wednesday to Sunday.

But you would want to wait for the performance to start at 9 PM.

This is the list of musicians who have performed. They include:

  • Bubu Giri
  • Donny Suhendra
  • Gugun Blues Shelter
  • Balawan Bifan Trio
  • Barry Likumahuwa Dance According to Jazz Featuring Monita
  • Sierra Soetedjo
  • Ligro
  • Indra Lesmana & Dewa Budjana Project
  • Indra Lesmana Jazztronika
  • Riza Arshad , Yance Manusama, Aksan Sjuman in Riza3scape
  • Monita Tahalea
  • Indra Lesmana & Glen Friendly -Indonesian Song Book

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