Who is the Song Project?

Allow me to introduce this one Jazz Band,The Song Project ("TSP"). A group of men who takes their creativity into another level. A bridge is a solid but boring construction which serves as a tool to connect people from two seperate land. In a sense The Song Project performs this role to bridge Jazz music to those who are from the other genres of music. As a band they have their influence from various musicians. Not necessarily from jazz. Rock, Alternative, Pop and many more are intertwined into a voice which is uniquely idenitify the band.

So, allow me to share a little bit about the band. The following information is the official description of who The Song Project really is. So sit tight and enjoy.


Please find the detailed information about this band in The Song Project's website


"Straddles the worlds of ECM-ish impressionism and straight-ahead blowing." - Cadence

"Rapp is quickly developing a reputation as a superb interpreter and great stylist, willing to tackle the history of this music with his eyes on the past and his mind on the present and future of this music." - AllAboutJazz.com

"Bronston growls and moans like a male Lucinda Williams." - Performing Songwriter

"More than anyone else among today's trumpeters, Rapp is breaking down the age old paradigms as to how the trumpet ought to be played in a jazz environment" - JazzPolice.com