Jazz educational information that stretches out our horizon

Why educational? So do we need education while we want to enjoy it? Even when it sounds so basic or fundamental, whether we like it or not, understanding Jazz will enlightens us.

I use the term “educational” so it has the sense of giving us information. I am not here to teach or to instruct. I hope all information that I gather will benefit you either you are a composer, a singer, a producer, a trumpet player, a student, or happens to be someone who are just begin to listen to Jazz.

Why information is important? Information is actually the material that brings us up. The factors which mold us into the person we are right now.With the proper information we can be a master of our skill. The lack of it often creates misinterpretations. Worse than that it can create an unneeded argument which leads no where.

Etymologically the word ”education” in the general sense is defined as any act or experience which will mold our mind, character, physical ability of an individual. Taken from the Latin term educare which means to bring up, the root of this word also can be used as to bring out, to bring forth what is within, and to bring out potential. While part of that word ducare means to lead.

So now you have the basic idea of what kind of information will be provided here on this Website.

So, back to Jazz.

Speaking about Jazz as an entire music genre, there are basic components which will enables us to appreciate it more. In this website we will see some information about the

definition of jazz music,

what is included in the jazz genre, the development of jazz on timeline, the music theory which differentiates it from other genre of music and some advice on how we can practice our skill musically.

But basically borrowing a Latin term repetitio est mater studiorum, or repetition is mother of all studies, therefore whatever skill or studies that you want to focus on try to exercise it daily until it becomes a habit and later on it will be part of your reflex.

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