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This blog is my way to inform you about the progress of www.enjoyingjazzmusic.com. You will find information about the latest updates of this site.

You will find information about...

  • every updates that I found regarding each and any ways to enjoy jazz,
  • information which inform you more about jazz genres and its development,
  • jazz artists who is prominent in their particular genres and their pieces ,
  • information of jazz medias in which you can enjoy jazz either online or in life performance or in other types of medias,
  • and other related information that came across my attention- especially when it has something to do with jazz.

I hope that you benefit all of the information provided and enables you to be more relaxed and be more creative. Once again, enjoy.

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Dino Fiumara, a quick introduction of thisYoung Artist

Dino Fiumara, a quick introduction of this Young Artist

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About me

A little description about me, About who I am, and why I enjoy Jazz Music.

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Singing definition

A brief definition about singing

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Acid Jazz

What Acid Jazz is and how it first developed

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The Red White Lounge

Red white lounge, the most Jazzy place in Jakarta

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Jazz educational information

Educational information for us to appreciate Jazz better

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Jazz festivals

Jazz festivals, a way to enjoy jazz music in life performance

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Definition of Jazz music

The definition of jazz music

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Jazz music online

Jazz music online, an online reference of enjoying this genre from your computer

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The Song Project

The Song Project, the band who communicate pop and other genres in Jazz style

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