Singing definition

So let us take it to basic.

By definition we know a lot about singing.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the word is taken from its root word which means to make musical sound. And to be more specific, to articulate words with a set of tune.

The Free Dictionary explains it as an action to utter a series of words or sounds in musical tones.

So we have an idea that it is one of human’s ability or talent to produce sound with their own vocal chords producing words which are projected in variety of tunes.

It is classified based on the person who is chanting. It will have to do with type voice, the sound which is produced with our vocal chords. The simplest way to make a distinction is the voice of male and female.

Female voice has a specific vocal categories which include:

soprano (highest register)
mezzo-soprano, (middle register) and
contralto ( this term is common for classical music to determine the lowest register for female; while in pop or jazz the common term used is “alto”. This register is similar to the register of male’s counter tenor)

The Categories of man’s voice include:

countertenor, (highest register)
tenor, (Second highest register)
baritone, (normal register, it is mid low register)
bass.(the lowest register for male)

Now that we know the categories of male and female voice, but now how one can train their vocal chords to be able to carol as good as Celine Dion, Frank Sinatra, or any of the best caliber singer.

I will try to provide some tips that I have learned which proves to benefit me in this field.

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