The definition of Jazz Music

So, what is the definition of Jazz Music or what is jazz definition? Linguistically, Jazz is defined as a style of music, an American culture and distinguished by flexible rhythmic tempo, as a base accompanied with improvisation of solo and ensemble on basic tunes and chord patterns. 


Historically, Jazz was started in, 1900s in New Orleans by the African American communities. They, used their African influence music and combine it with the European music tradition. Many developments and also major changes happen not only in America but also the world during this period. A tribulation which affects the mind, attitude and definitely the emotion of the people at that time.


These emotions were poured into beat, sound and lyrics. Over the time the typical way of expressing these emotions has transform into a basic musical guidelines. A pattern on how to use time, modes, and a distinctive style which later crystallized as a music genre known as Jazz.

What is interesting is that during the development of this genre, freedom was everything. It is very obvious in performances either in a small stage or large jazz festivals.

From this point we can say that freedom is a part of the definition of jazz. But freedom not without rules. And individuals who took influences from their predecessor had contributed to a new edge in each particular style of Jazz. From that perspective, there is a lot of aspects we can learn from Jazz. There are lots of jazz development over the time. Based on timeline we can see that social change also contributes to the development of style in Jazz music. And this in turn enables Jazz to influences all other music genres until this day and it continuous on.

Now, if we talk about the origin of the term “jazz”. Jazz was used never before the 20th century. In 1922 Scott F. Fitzgerald refereed Jazz as the years between the end of world war one which is in 1918 and the crash of the stock market in 1929.

In 2003 a New York Librarian George A. Thompson found an article in the Los Angles Times dated April 2nd, 1912 describing the pitcher of Portland Beavers, Ben Henderson. In the article Henderson said that he had found a new curve ball style and call it Jazz ball. He explained that it was wobbly and the batter cannot do anything with it.

Based on these facts we can see why the Jazz definition include the quality of passion or heat. Therefore despite that we plainly discuss about jazz music but overall, jazz has its contribution to a lot more than just music.

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