Asia Jazz festivals- the list of jazz festival in this region

Asia jazz festivals which is the list of Jazz festivals in Asian region would include Malaysia. In this country the festivities include:

The Miri International,

Genting International,

Penang and

The Kota Kinabalu.

Yes, (I sense a question here.... hehehe) I will also get back on some information of jazz music performances which are held in this country too.

And these are the rest of the Asia Jazz festivals, the jazz events in the Asian countries.

Jazz-E , in China,

Beijing Jazz , in China ,

Bangkok Jazz , in Thailand,

Hua Hin Jazz , in Thailand,

Jazz Yatra , in Mumbai, India

Mt. Fuji Jazz , in Yamanashi, Japan

Live under the sky, in Tokyo, Japan

Newport Jazz , in Madarao, Japan

Ulsan Jazz , in Ulsan, Republic of Korea

Jarasum International Jazz , in Jarasum, Republic of Korea

Philippine International Jazz & Ethnic Arts Festival, Philippines

Red Sea Jazz , Eilat, Israel

Jazzmandu, Kathmandu, Nepal

Congo Square Jazz , in Calcutta, India

I am sure that those of you who are passionate about jazz, at least have attended one of these festivals ether you are from Asia, Africa, Europe, Middle East, Australia or America.

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